Our Podcast is coming soon!

Posted: July 13, 2010 by spoileralertshow in Uncategorized

Hi guys, John and I are preparing to start our new podcast, called “Spoiler Alert”.  Basically, the idea of the show is we will pick a game for each episode that we have both played and talk about it in depth without worrying about spoilers.  The typical video game reviewer, be it in a podcast, magazine, or web site, tends to not give out many spoilers about what happens in the game since they assume their readers have not yet played the game.  We are throwing that assumption out the window and are trying to “review” games either under the assumption that you have already played the game and want our take on it, or just don’t care about spoilers.  We feel that this will be a fun project to try out, especially since we aren’t confined by having to tip toe around major events in games.  Also, we aren’t confined to just review new or old games so we will try our best to switch around between new games on Xbox, as well as older games on NES, SNES, etc.

We both hope that you enjoy this podcast, since we should have fun producing it.  If you have any games that you would like us to review, please comment on this post with them, email us at spoileralertshow@gmail.com, hit us on twitter @SpoilAlertShow, or call our voice mail at 856-SPOIL-01.

Thanks for stopping by!




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